Friday, December 16, 2016

Building a room in one-point perspective

So far we've covered one-point perspective in simplistic terms. This  month I'd like to complicate things a bit, which you will find isn't really that complicated once you've learned how it's done. 

We're going to build an inside room. Although it's far easier for me to do this with pencil, I decided to use one of my drawing programs instead for clarity purposes. I have to be honest though, my drawing ability on the computer isn't as good as with a pencil. So please forgive my rudimentary presentation.

Step One: The back wall
We're going to build a room from the front door out. I've drawn a rectangle, a window, door and clock.

Step Two: Determining the horizon line and vanishing point
Remember that the horizon line is determined by YOUR eye level. The vanishing point is where all the lines converge onto the horizon line--again from the viewers point of view.

Step three: Drawing the orthogonal line (also called vanishing or convergent lines)
In order to build the four walls, we need to draw the orthogonal lines (indicated with the dotted lines) from vanish point outward. Then we connect these lines by drawing a box that meets the lines.

Step Four: Ceiling, Floor, Sidewalls
Now, it's time to draw lines from the back wall on top of the orthogonal lines to create the walls, floor and ceiling.

Step Five: Side Window
With the walls created, we can now create a window (in perspective). Draw orthogonal lines from the vanishing point and by using vertical lines, create the dimension of the window.

Step Six: Creating a cheap boxy sofa
First draw two boxes to indicate how large the sofa will be. 

Step Six A: Creating a cheap boxy sofa (A)
From each corner of the box, draw orthogonal lines to the vanishing point.

Step Seven: Finishing it all.
Using vertical and horizontal lines finish the sofa.

Step eight: Bookcase and rug
By using the same method as in six and step seven, create a bookcase and rug. You can add more to the room if you like.

One-point perspective can be used to create all kinds of things like bridges and buildings. Next month, I'll introduce you to more fun stuff.

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