Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Op Art--Waldport Report

For next few months I will be covering art movements. My first is Op Art, one of my favorites. Defined, it is art that plays tricks with optical illusions, thus Optical art. Although many op artists are painters, you can find the art expressed in sculpture and design.

Victor Vasarely, (1906-1992) is considered the father of Op Art and the piece listed below, entitled Zebra (1937), demonstrates why.

Op Art creates movement like no other. I love how the artist creates an image that moves without moving. Here's another by another great, Bridget Riley (1931--). This one is entitled Movement in Squares (1961).

And last but not least, here's a cartoon from Heini Scheffler, "Halt the Thief."

If you think Op Art is easy to create, watch this video on YouTube to see how hard it is:

Report on Waldport: Memorial Day Weekend
Our weekend at Waldport was so much fun. I believe it was the best one ever. And it didn't rain for two days!!! Yes, we were in Oregon. Here are some pictures of the students at work and the paintings they created. 

Until next month!