Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One-Day Workshops Announcement

Next month I be continuing my discussion on perspective, but for now I want to make an announcement on changes that are being made regarding my one-day workshops.


Things never stay the same, do they? Recently Portland Community College (PCC), Community Ed program, has decided to stop instructors from charging for art supplies used in class. Instead, students can bring their own or instructors can submit receipts for materials provided.

In a pickle—too many art supplies
That’s a problem for me because I have hundreds, if not thousands, of art supplies that I’ve bought over the years that we use in class. For instance, in the colored pencil class workshop, I offer over 1,000 pencils to use, not to mention the battery-operated erasers and sharpeners, expensive papers, blenders and so on. Simply said, I’m in a pickle. I could sell the products at a great loss, I could give them to a worthy school or I could hold my own drawing and painting workshops in my own studio.

Making relish—teaching out of my own studio
I like the idea of teaching in the studio. I’ve been conducting classes for years and have actually offered a few workshops here but I always felt a bit guilty competing with the school. Now that’s not an issue. So I’ve decided to take my pickle and make relish. I will be offering all of my one-day workshops at my studio except for Basic Drawing and Travel Sketching which will continue to be held at PCC. Here are some advantages. 

All my workshops will offer:
  • A nine-student maximum, which means you have a great teacher-student ratio
  • Most of the supplies. You may be asked to bring in a sketchbook. But nothing more. Just come to my workshop and find out if you like the medium, the subject, the technique.
  • You’ll be served a yummy lunch of cheese pizza*, salad and soft drinks. Coffee,tea and snacks will be available throughout the day.
  • A tuition of only $85 per person
  • Me, your instructor. As always my utmost desire is to see you succeed and have fun!

Check out my workshop offerings
I’ve created sort of a small catalog of the type of one-day workshops I will be offering. I will most likely offer one or two a quarter in my studio.  Please feel free to look it over. If you find one or two that you’re interested in, let me know. In the meantime, I will be announcing my quarterly workshops online  through this newsletter or website.

Download catalog here. Please note: large file, may be slow.

Thanks for all your support through the years
I have been very blessed to have you all as students and I hope to continue that experience in my new environment. Let me hear your thoughts by emailing at jjgoodell@gmail.com

*If you are on a restricted diet, please plan accordingly

Winter Workshops to be listed in December 2016

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