Monday, December 20, 2021

Happy Holidays New Ink Classes in 2022

December 2021

I'm wishing you all a great Holiday Season and blessed New Year. We sure have had our difficult times these past two years, but we're tough and strong. We are all carrying on. Our deep affection goes to friends and loved ones, especially those who are in the throes of grief. We'll get through these times, but never get over them.

I'm so lucky.
Thank you all for being wonderful students and friends. I appreciate your continued support. Sometimes, I even see you at an occasional PCC online workshop. It's great to see your face and hear your voice. I do miss you all.

Here's to the next year!
I sincerely hope 2022 brings us all a great deal of blessings to face whatever is ahead. I know my resolution will be to try to be kinder to everyone. We never know what troubles each of us is facing.

Classes for January 2022
I'm rather excited about the next session of online classes. We'll be studying how to draw with ink. Some folks are a bit hesitant to draw with something so permanent, but I'll show you how to relieve that fear. Additionally, we'll also explore the hundreds of marks you can use to create your masterpieces. See below for more information. I am continuing to keep my fee at a reasonable level. You deserve it!

In January, I'll return to my regularly scheduled articles. I believe we are yet to complete our composition and design coverage.


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