Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 Newsletter 2nd Free Video

Using hatch and crosshatch to create form

Last month, I talked about light and shadow or form, using the pencil, stump and eraser. I even demonstrated it through my first free video at:

This month, I'd like to cover the use of line, specifically hatching and cross-hatching. As most of you know, I teach drawing under the assumption there are only three lines: straight, angled and curved.

And while there are only three lines, we do twist, bend and turn them to our liking. One way we do that is by using the hatch mark that can create depth, shadow and texture. Below are the typical hatch marks found in drawing.

To create value (light and shadow), we draw these lines closer together, like so:

An excellent example of these marks appears in Michelangelo’s famous sketch of a female’s hands, possibly a study for the Portrait of Genevre de Benci . Notice the lines he uses around the  wrists, fingers and sleeves. They are diagonal here and curved there, all giving the illusion of form. Most of them are hatch marks.

 Notice in Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing, Study for the Head of Leda, the curved hatch marks he used to depict her hair.

You can also use what is called cross-hatch lines. These are lines that cross over hatch lines and to create value, you can add more and more on top of each other, as shown here:

Here, Vincent Van Gogh used both hatch marks and cross-hatch to create tweed in his drawing, Portrait of a Postman.

I thoroughly enjoy using these lines in my drawings. In my recent drawing, A Line-up of Cherries, I used them a lot. This was a fun project done over a few day’s time. Using hatch marks can be time-consuming, just like stippling, but in the end it is very rewarding.

A new video on cross-hatching
Want to know how I drew these cherries, view the following video that I recently created, Drawing with Hatch and Cross-Hatch Marks. Sorry the mic wasn't working quite right, but I think you'll learn a lot. Enjoy!

Project idea!
Why not pick a subject this month and try to draw it using hatch marks to create form?


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