Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! Perspectve Part III

Happy New Year! Whew. I can’t believe how fast everything went by this holiday season. Without our son home, everything seems a bit out of sorts. We did ourselves a favor and spent Christmas in Seaside at the resort there right on the beach (a friend has a time-share). What a lovely place. Everyone was in a rather festive mood—so many of us brought our own trees, some even decorated their balconies. Cool.

The year ahead

On a personal note, this year is especially important for me. I’ll be a five-year breast cancer survivor this coming May! My doctor tells me that when I’m finished with my medication, I will have the same chance of getting breast cancer as any other woman on the planet. Good stats.

It’s been a tough, uphill battle for me. I’ve not only learned how to deal with this devastating mark on my life, but also learned I really do have choices. As I’ve said before, I live by a 20/20 code. I may be alive for 20 years or twenty days, but I’m choosing to make the best out of every day I have left.

Teaching & Traveling for 2010
As for teaching, I have lots of exciting things planned for 2010. I’ll continue to teach at PCC and home studio, as well as Sitka Center for Art and Ecology (just north of Lincoln City) next September. I have lots of sketching trips planned, which are beginning to fill up already: Palm Springs (Presidents’ Day weekend), Waldport, Ore. (Memorial Day weekend), England (June) as well as two cruises: one to Russia (June/July) and another trip to Alaska (September). You can go over to my website at to see details and info for reservations and deposits.

This month’s lesson: Two-Point Perspective

And now for the last of my series on perspective. So far, we’ve discussed eye level (horizon line), vanish points/lines, one point perspective and now, let’s talk about two-point. As opposed to one-point perspective, where everything vanishes to one-point on the horizon line, two-point can be described as two planes that meet from two vanishing points. Below is a graphic description of this concept:

I hope this helps to understand perspective a bit better than before. Next month, I will cover using the grid system to help you draw more realistically.

Before I leave, here is a little one-minute video on how to create water in watercolor.

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  1. Congratulations on coming up on the 5-years! You're doing it in such style too. Very inspirational.

    Thanks for the tip on 2-point perspective. It takes some practice to wrap my head around it, but it's coming.